Construction CleanUp

Construction CleanUp

Villas Cleaning Villas is suited for even the toughest cleaning jobs, which includes post-construction cleaning of newly constructed homes and businesses. We want to be there to help transform your new construction project to its final vision. Instead of taking on the post-cleanup yourself, preventing you from finalizing your move or transition, Villas Cleaning villas will have the job finished expeditiously.

We’re especially accustomed to removing dirt and dust accrued from construction, spot-cleaning, and eliminating hard to remove scuffs and smudges, targeting and cleaning all trim, baseboards, windows, frames, and thorough vacuuming and mopping of the property.

The reality is, the last thing anyone wants to do after months of construction is to be left with the cleanup from the construction crew. While they may achieve satisfactory results and help realize your vision, not all construction crews do their due diligence and tend to their mess. Between haphazard cleanup to no attempt at all, we can take on any size job.

Avoid stocking up on an innumerable amount of supplies because with Villas Cleaning Villas; we provide the trash bags, vacuums, mops, dust masks, dustpans, gloves, scrub pads, hoses, bins, ladders, sponges, etc. We come prepared with an extensive arsenal to take care of the debris, dirt, and dust left behind.

From dust-covered to shining, the walls, windows, and floors of your business or home will thank you. You’ll be amazed at the thoroughness of the job and realize that no amount of time you spend cleaning could rival our eye for cleanliness.