Window Cleaning For the Holidays

Window Cleaning For the Holidays

Deck the Halls, but Start with the Windows

The holidays are coming, what some consider to be the most wonderful time of the year. Decorations cover the home, lights glowing warm and bright inside and out, bringing friends and family together once again. Everyone wants a sparkling home to show off to their neighbors and in-laws during the holidays. People underestimate how breathtaking and sparkling windows can make your house look. Whether you’re lighting warm cozy candles on the inside or hanging festive holiday wreaths outside, windows are often considered a focal point of any home during the holidays.
With all of the appreciation, your window decor will receive during this holiday season, make your best impression by ensuring they’re being admired through sparkling clean glass.
Clean windows not only look good; they also allow more natural light to pass through, making your home feel brighter and merrier.
Cleaning windows on the inside may be a breeze; a quick rag glass cleaner and elbow grease will surely get the job done. However, many homeowners may find that cleaning the exterior windows of their homes can be difficult, time-consuming, or even in some situations, extremely dangerous. Preparing for the holiday season is stressful enough. No homeowner
wants to add cleaning their windows to their already lengthy list of chores. That’s why calling a professional to help you get your home into tip-top shape this holiday season is the easiest option.
Here are three reasons why you should leave window cleaning to professionals:
1. Supply List: Cleaning your windows' exterior requires more supplies and even equipment to get the job done compared to cleaning your interior windows. Some equipment that may be required includes ladders, extension poles, and specific hose attachments. It may also require specific cleaning solutions that are tougher and stronger than interior solutions. Not only will these items possibly cost you a lot of money, but you’ll also need a place to store them while they’re not being used.
2. Professional Skill: Reputable window washers have been through specific training to ensure you get the best results in the safest manner possible; So choosing to have your windows professionally cleaned is the best way to ensure you get the results you’re looking for as opposed to doing the job yourself this holiday season. Professionals will bring their equipment
and industrial strength cleaning solutions to remove any stubborn dirt or debris that has built up over the years.
3. Safety: You may have the right cleaning solutions for the job, but it is sometimes a matter of even being able to reach the windows to get the job done. This is often the case in multi-leveled homes. Windows in these homes are often over 20ft+ off the ground and can be quite dangerous to reach without the proper equipment. Climbing up a ladder might seem easy
enough, but cleaning while trying to keep your balance on a ladder might prove to be more difficult than once thought. Professionals are highly trained to work in situations such as those to ensure no one gets hurt on the job.

Clean windows not only make your in-laws envious, but they also make your home merrier and brighter. Keep the inside of your windows looking in tip-top shape on your own, but don’t forget to leave the exterior to the professionals. If professional window washing may be something you feel your home needs this holiday season, feel free to give us a call here at Villas Cleaning Villas. We’ll ensure your home is in tip-top shape for the upcoming holidays.

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